Product roadmap

What’s in the Pipeline?

Take a look at our plan of action and see what ways Synuma will grow and shift over time. We are constantly collaborating and updating features to take your team to where it needs to be.  

Phase 1

Mobile Release

Ability to allow customers to look up information out in the field and provide data from wherever you are.
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Point-of-Sale Integration Prototype

Release an enhancement to Synuma Operations by providing integration with client POS in providing revenue dollars.
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& Royalty

Ability to handle promissory notes and collect payments automatically. Handle complex royalty plans and automate collection based on sales data.
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Asset Management Tracking

Integration with our EcoTrak Partner in handling all your asset/FF&E needs and warranty repairs.
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FDD Signing Enhancements

Phase 2

CRM Enhancements – Part 1

Improve Campaign Center - Rich Templates
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CRM Enhancements – Part 2

Improve Campaign Center - Enhanced Editor / Ability to import multiple emails into Synuma at a time
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Reporting & Dashboard Enhancements - Custom Reporting

Include Time Fields / Automatic Scheduling of Report Distribution
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Reporting & Dashboard Enhancements - Marketing

Marketing spend by Medium, Channel/Lead Source, Franchisee Segment, etc.
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Reporting & Dashboard Enhancements - Recruitment

Recruitment Performance by Sales team, Lead Funnel, Channel, etc.
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Reporting & Dashboard Enhancements - ROI

Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) by Campaign, Source, etc.

Phase 3

Self-Service Timeline

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And more...

the future

Stay tuned to see how  Synuma will expand our platform and update our features over time.

Like what you see, but have some ideas or “what if” thoughts? Share them with us! Some of our most liked features have come directly from our customers’ feedback. We’re listening because your success is our success.