How AI Can Improve Your Franchise Recruitment Results

The more the digital and marketing worlds collide, the more innovative franchise recruitment strategies become. Savvy brands are leveraging every tool in their arsenal to float to the top of the pile.

The more the digital and marketing worlds collide, the more innovative franchise recruitment strategies become. Savvy brands are leveraging every tool in their arsenal to float to the top of the pile, so their rivals have little choice but to follow suit. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the sharpest tool in the recruitment drawer, so let’s look at what it can do for you.

Profiling for Success

If you’re still trying to gather recruits through numbers rather than quality, your odds of success are low. Leads must be qualified if you’re to keep your brand sparkly and new, and profiling can bring you the rockstar recruits in the industry. Artificial intelligence and automation are key elements of a refined recruitment strategy. They’ll help you to identify the talents, skills, and professional backgrounds that fit your culture. Technology can even help you with headhunting within key industries. Of course, social media and digital marketing are equally important, so you’ll need to generate targeted ads with enough reach to connect with your candidates. CRM software can track each phase of the marketing process, building relationships and giving recruits a positive experience. A few core technologies will improve your results:

  • Email automation and campaign tools

  • Drip campaigns that nurture leads

  • Conversion rate analytics

  • Language analysis to qualify leads

  • Screening of resumes, social media, and search results

  • Negotiating offers

  • Building automated talent funnels

It’s tempting to think of every recruit as a walking set of franchise royalties, but a bad fit can do irreparable damage to your brand. While it’s important to improve your conversion rates, quantity should never replace quality.

Recruiting through the Cloud

When Australian franchise, Hire a Hubby, first began exploring digital transformation, they were handling every recruitment task manually, doling out time and money in huge, inefficient handfuls. In 2011, they took their entire recruitment process into the cloud. Ever since, their franchisee tenure has risen year upon year. Their cloud-based system:

  • Unified all business activity into a single virtual space

  • Centralized their recruitment process

  • Increased their compliance with management

  • Improved their benchmarking to drive further improvements in franchise recruitment results

  • Took early meetings into the cloud from any device

After they incorporated automation, they discovered that a quarter of their inquiries came from job seekers. Their software filtered these calls and built a more comprehensive pool of recruits. Simply by creating a more accessible database, the franchisor improved recruit morale. Better yet, with all recruits digitally connected, the onboarding process became simpler, connecting franchisees with clients instantly.

Programmatic automation and artificial intelligence are powerful things, but CRM software can provide a more comprehensive service. Automation and AI can find candidates in the right areas with the right backgrounds. It will run targeted advertising, then refer candidates for vetting.

The Power of Data

With every element of your customer relationships digitized, you receive insights on every part of your franchise recruitment results. This will inform your future choices and help you to enhance your system to push your success to greater heights. You’ll be able to run analyses according to start-up, emerging, and mature franchisees. This way, you can adjust your strategy for every audience. It’s never been easier to build a customized business model and fee structure for each recruit.

There are two approaches to CRM software and AI: build the same platform for every franchise, or allow franchisors to customize their systems in a way that pushes up their franchise recruitment results. At Synuma, we believe that every franchise deserves to be treated as the individual it is. That’s why our software works.