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Got a question?

We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

Getting Started

Synuma is a productivity tool that allows you to easily manage Sales, Site Selection, Construction and Operations all within one platform. The system aggregates data from all your projects, delivers team communication and identifies areas of opportunity to get to your agreements, sites and revenues faster.Learn More

Through our simple and intuitive Edit tool found on each individual project home page.

Your data is yours – everything is exportable to Excel, and with Synuma, you own your data.   

Yes, Synuma has an open API and can upload your lead data into the system through yours or any 3rd party system with your permission.

Synuma includes a Customer Report Builder feature so each user can configure reports that provide  just the information needed.

Our team builds your timelines with you and to your specifications, so you are following the exact process you want your business to be tracking.

There are several standard reports in the platform, but our customer reporting feature allows you to build reports to provide you feedback on any part of lead onboarding, through to agreement.

The system tracks and measures progress against your set timeline, and based upon your specific reporting needs and timing, automatically notifies system users of any issues causing delays in progress.

System & Pricing

We have individuals on our team that have experience in franchise sales, real estate, design & construction, and operations.Learn More

No limit, storage is unlimited.

You control user access and permissions all within the system. Your user Administrator can edit these at any time.

With Synuma, the user accounts are unlimited.

Your data is yours. You can access it at any time and retrieve when you want.

General Platform

We have an open API so, with permissions, you can connect to other open API software. 

We have a Custom Report creation capability within the program.
You can allow other parties to access the system and control what they see or edit.

The system supports any company that builds multiple locations whether they build/operate themselves, franchise their concept or both. 

Online support 24/7. Our entire team is U.S. based for easy access and communication.

Flexible, adaptive, intuitive systems.  Synuma adapts to your methodologies and processes; with other platforms you may find that you are required to adapt your systems to meet the needs of the software platform. 

Learn More

We would be happy to supply Synuma user contacts.

CRM / Sales

Yes, the system supports automatic deployment of FDD, receipts and drip campaigns.

Synuma has several standard reports and provides the user with  the ability to create customer reports to match any unique reporting needs.  

Synuma is an adaptive software. Our team will set a timeline prior to implementation that mirrors your current process or adjust our set system process to minimize any concerns of adjusting your methodologies in sales development. The system will automatically update the forecasted close date based upon the movement of the prospect through the system.

The system assigns a lead to a timeline and then automatically tracks that lead through the system and notifies the user if/when/where that lead falls behind in the process. Synuma also allows for communications to the lead through email and SMS, along with other forms of communication. Our system maintains a historical record of those communications.

Our system provides drip/marketing campaign component with customizable templates and the ability to set lead on a regular or ad-hoc delivery schedule.

The system better qualifies leads in different methods. Synuma has an Assessment/Survey builder component that allows the user to set up a set prospect survey to be completed by the prospect prior to any discussion. This survey can be weighted and scored to better qualify your candidates.  Synuma also has an AI module that allows you to determine the prospects qualifications as a franchisee and their likelihood of being a success.  This allows for better decision making and better utilization of development resources.

Documents are stored for each prospect in a secure, individual file. Only users with proper permissions, set by the client, can access these files.

The current pipeline status of any individual prospect, or your entire current prospect group, can be viewed by the user group on one of the many reports or dashboard wizards available to the user.

The system will automatically notify a user of a prospect falling behind in their status based upon the company’s prospect timeline. Triggering reminder actions, keeps everyone in the loop on when next steps are required.

Synuma has a robust bank of set reports with associated analytics allowing users to track closing rates, lead source effectiveness and several other related analytics.

Synuma also has a Custom Reporting component that allows you to build your own customized reports within the system.

All reports are easily exported to the user in an Excel format if required.

There is an unlimited number of fields as well as document storage capabilities. Each contact information file is stored in their own secure location and those within the approvaed user group can access simply from any location.

Real Estate & Construction Project Management

Synuma provides adaptable timelines with automatic notifications and alerts to all users.

All reports are exportable to Excel and our system can deliver data in a Gantt format.

Synuma is an adaptable platform and can be set to match your current workflow needs.

Yes, you control system access. System tracks and compares construction costs.