Development & Construction

Predictable Real Estate Projects

Synuma provides a real estate and construction solution unlike any other where you can plan, track, and develop projects in real time. All with the goal of compressing your development timelines and meeting your budget.


Close the communication gap. Save time and money. Delight everyone from the C-Suite to the Franchisee. 

Laptop with Synuma real estate and construction solution platform to manage projects in real time


Synuma is an end-to-end solution to your everyday business problems. Create linear timelines with ease, all while connecting your data, tracking your success, and making better decisions. Synuma allows for one view of all the communication – every step of the way. 


Our technology allows you to easily see which projects are on time – and which are slipping behind – so you can direct your team’s focus where it’s needed most. Then you can use these projects to make better predictions about your future projects to set the right expectations from the beginning.

Time dependent projects