About Us

We’ve all been there – we’ve entered a project management meeting only to find conflicting information, false deadlines, and outdated content. Spread across multiple systems, of course. It becomes impossible to distinguish right from wrong.


No one offers a franchise software that addresses every step in the franchise development process – from beginning to end.


That’s why we developed a project management solution that does.


Throughout our experience in franchising sales, real estate, construction and development and franchise operations, we all found each other. Four friends – equally frustrated with the process. Like in a hive, when we combine our unique skills and expertise, we accomplish great solutions.

We are problem-solvers

Using the latest technology, we now have a more robust, effective project management solution that franchisors and multi-unit developers can use to manage the entire franchise development process. All within one platform, too. Transform your business and elevate your brand with Synuma. Created by people like you for you. 

Bees are extremely important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables, meaning they help other plants grow. Bees transfer pollen, allowing plants to grow seeds and fruit.

Like bees, Synuma aims to help other companies grow and reach their true potential.

To support bees and the environment they live in, Synuma adopted a hive with the Karma Honey Project. Click here to learn more about how a donation can help a hive thrive.


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