Why Synuma?

Different approach, different results

Every project, whether sales, real estate, construction or operations, requires a wide range of processes to bring it to life. For the most part, they can be consistent regardless of the industry, but no project is the same. 

Your process may look a little like this:

But throughout a project’s life span, you may have had to: track schedules and prospects, gather cost reports from franchise or multi-locations, guess revenues, all based on when they’ll be open and operating.

Between spreadsheets, apps, and tools, there’s a huge margin for error and miscommunication.

With Synuma, you can do everything and in one place.

Like us, bees rely on a transport system to get around. Bees create their own network, and create an “insect pathway” to migrate between flowers and pollinators.

Synuma can help you create your very own path and extend communication between teams and departments.
To support bees and the environment they live in, Synuma adopted a hive with the Karma Honey Project. Click here to learn more about how a donation can help a hive thrive.

It's all in the hive.

What makes us different is our experience in the franchise industry. We understand your trials and tribulations, and we used that critical experience to design a tool that has YOU in mind. We’re here to make a lasting improvement in how franchise companies run and grow.

Synuma, where you can get your revenue sooner and open franchise locations on schedule using one integrated tool. 

Innovative process management

Multi-Location brand experience

With brand experience and extensive franchising knowledge, you can depend on Synuma to help you open units faster and within budget.

Our customers range in size, growth phase and industry. Everyone can benefit from our comprehensive, cloud-based software: franchisors, franchisees, multi-unit operators, area developers, and more.

Industry Knowledge

Synuma’s leadership team formed the company in 2016 after working together in previous franchise and technology leadership roles. Together we recognized that the current industry tools weren’t always designed with franchisors in mind. Combining our unique technology skills and significant franchise expertise, we developed a solution to deliver a more robust project management solution for multi-unit developers. 

Industry veterans with expertise in site development, project management, multi-concept process management, cross-functional teams, software development, real estate, corporate enterprise, multi-unit level operations, and business development make up the Synuma team.

WE Understand you
because WE WERE YOU.​

Enterprise Software Expertise

Looking for an off-the-shelf solution that adapts to your unique business?

You’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience in IT and software development, our Co-Founder, Fred Mastropasqua, CST, MCSE, is constantly driving forward his vision of technology innovation and ease of use to deliver tools that move business forward. 

Flexibility is an important component of who we are. As a company, we’re always looking to innovate and enhance the features we already have. Looking for something that’s not already in our arsenal? Just let us know, we’re always up for the challenge. 

Unrivaled Support

Project management isn’t a one-person show. Projects cannot be completed on time without contributions from every member. If one team member fails to complete a task, the entire project comes to a standstill.


Including us.


When you sign on with Synuma, you become part of a partnership. Experience what our customers already know, we’re here to support you every step of the way.