5 Ways to Make a Great Grand Opening Announcement

When the big day comes you'll want your restaurant to capture ample attention. From the community to the media, you must make concerted efforts to generate buzz.

Opening a new restaurant is a thrilling experience, but it’s no walk in the park. Keith McNally, a NYC restaurateur, had opened 14 joints by 2016, at the age of 36. He insists that the foodservice business was easier to build in the 80s than today. Capital is only part of the challenge. When the big day comes you’ll want your restaurant to capture ample attention. From the community to the media, you must make concerted efforts to generate buzz.

The Right Way to Make a Grand Opening Announcement

You only have a single chance to create a lasting impression. It is advisable to announce your grand opening when potential customers are more attentive. As you publicize, communicate your mission statement effectively. The best thing you can do is to find an interesting angle and carefully plan the marketing materials. Target individuals and media personalities who will appreciate your service.

Important to consider are your unique selling points. These could be:

  • A broad array of meal courses

  • An Italian master chef who specializes in molecular gastronomy

  • A location along the shoreline

  • Special guests and artists

  • Weekly discounts

  • Monthly events

Secondly, understand the type of customers you wish to attract. If you are writing a press release or Facebook post, provide credible data to make the dining place attractive. You don’t need to list all the menu items, but make sure that the reader knows where to find your service. Lastly, include a CTA so the audience can visit your blog or social media pages. Don’t hesitate to invite them to place orders and make reservations.

5 Grand Opening Announcement Tips

To make a killer marketing campaign for the grand opening, there are important tips to consider. Here are five of the best ways to make an exciting restaurant grand opening announcement.

1. Email

Email is a powerful information tool you can use for prospects who have already shown interest in your business. Here’s how to properly structure an email announcement:

  • Create an email list

  • Send the first ‘Coming Soon’ preliminary email

  • In the emails, add business contacts and web addresses

  • Write a short header to avoid appearing like spam

  • Include the restaurant logo in the emails

  • Send a second grand opening announcement email a week before the grand opening ceremony

  • Send a third ‘Now Open’ email when you’re officially up and running

2. Coupons

grand opening announcement

During the initial weeks of opening your food place, it would be wise to use coupons for your new customers. Partner with coupon mailer services that reach residents in certain zip codes. This will help you to target customers near you.

Online coupons can also generate awareness and sales. Good thing they don’t cost an arm or leg. Simply submit your promo codes to reliable coupon sites at a small fee.

3. Grand Opening Press Release

A press release is a powerful statement that can help you attain wider media coverage. Make it around 400 to 800 words and use a catchy headline. Don’t forget to include contact information, store hours, and the grand opening event details.

Once you’ve written the statement, distribute it to various media outlets and journalists. If you nail it properly, a press release can be your most powerful grand opening announcement.

4. Radio Advertisements

The radio is a fast way for a small business to reach the locals. The cost of advertising on the radio depends on the size of your audience and the time of broadcasting. Well-documented broadcasts can gain attention and make you a happy restaurant manager or owner.

5. Facebook Event

You need to start your social media feeds early enough. Create a Facebook page as soon as you conceive the idea of constructing a restaurant.  Share the construction progress, staff training, and possible menu items. It is all about engaging your guests in the pre-opening journey and giving them a sense of ownership.

Creating a Facebook event is totally free. Plus, you have the potential to grow organic traffic. It is especially profitable when you invite friends and employees to spread the word. When creating a Facebook event page, use high-quality photos and fine itinerary details of the grand opening event.

Bottom Line

The process of marketing your restaurant should start long before opening the doors. This not only guarantees early success but also establishes a good base of regular diners. Restaurants are created differently, but the above tips are surefire methods to make the grand opening eagerly anticipated.