5 Stages of the Franchise Development Process

From building a successful sales program, scouting out real estate and managing a construction site, to actually opening and running the franchise, the franchise development process is a lot of work.

It takes time to come up with a successful business model for a franchise. There is a lot to consider, from building a successful sales program, scouting out real estate and managing a construction site, to actually opening the franchise unit and running it efficiently. Imagine being able to customize and manage the entire franchise development process from a single platform. Synuma can help you do just that.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the 5 major stages of the franchise development process, what each step entails, and explain how Synuma’s project management system can help your franchise synchronize and manage the entire process.

The 5 Stages of Franchise Development Process

1. Sales

What good is a franchise program if you can’t make sales? Synuma’s Customer Relationship Management app can help you create and manage a lead generation program. You’ll be able to create a truly efficient marketing scheme and run a comprehensive game plan for sales. The program includes everyone on your sales team and helps to attract partners, franchisees, and customers.

The CRM software also tracks and manages sales proceeds. Wouldn’t you want analytics for sourcing leads and sale success? With advanced sales management software, you can attain flexible and consistent pricing. Enter fixed prices on the interface, create price groups, specify discounts, and add price brackets.   

2. Real Estate

Managing real estate can be tough considering the high level of the financial risk involved. For your projects to work on the set budget, they must meet crucial deadlines. Delays can be very costly. The incorporation of industry-specific management systems becomes paramount, especially when you’re dealing with many clients or a large-scale project.

With real estate management software, you can design unique schedules for every stakeholder. You’ll enjoy real-time discussions before signing agreements. The platform acts as a central hub for files, workflow reports, notes, and comments. Examples of critical elements you can track include overdue rent, vacant properties and property management expenses. With Synuma, you can manage all of your properties from wherever you are.

3. Construction

Are you finding it hard to manage several construction sites? Synuma’s construction scheduling software allows you to collaborate with contractors, sub-contractors and the entire construction crew. With our cloud-based software, you’ll be monitoring all the construction project cycles from a single dashboard. You can receive updates instantly on your phone to let you know when problems arise. It is much easier to spot issues before they escalate and know who is accountable. In turn, there will be no redundancy in the execution of tasks.

4. Unit Opening

Let’s say you are planning a restaurant grand opening and you’re afraid you can’t meet the opening deadline and budget. Synuma’s web-based solution gathers all the information you need to ensure you’re sticking to deadlines and budgets.  With all of this information at your fingertips, you can easily send invitations, create media kits, and conduct social media campaigns all in one place.

5. Operations

franchise development process

The franchise development process requires a fully documented operations manual. This helps stakeholders understand the business model. It is also good to have a professionally designed training tool to make the employee training process more meaningful and efficient. The operation software from Synuma facilitates monitoring of:

  • Sales and marketing resources

  • Royalty payments

  • Equipment

  • Schedules and deadlines

  • Field service materials

It is aimed at promoting consistency and accountability throughout your business network to make operations go more smoothly and prevent untimely problems.

Streamline Your Development Process

An advanced management software will streamline every stage of your franchise development process. Consider working with a team of franchising experts to build a franchise development program tailored specifically to your business model. Benefits include improved collaboration with franchisees, increased engagement within your teams, meeting budgets and deadlines, enhanced sales reporting and better supply chain and inventory management. 

It doesn’t matter whether your company has just opened the first unit or you are managing multiple outlets. Synuma software programs come with dedicated features for multitasking. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see the countless possibilities our software has to offer!