If your brand is growing at a rate of five to 10 units or more a year, it can be a real challenge to manage multiple development and construction schedules. You may have a number of software products, databases and Excel documents in place, but are they all working?  And, even more importantly, are they all working well together?

At Synuma, it’s all in the hive…

Synuma’s project management solution addresses the three key areas – sales, development/construction and operations. We consolidate processes into one intuitive cloud-based system that can be accessed anywhere at any time on any device, even your smartphone.

Sales & CRM

Synuma’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales software provides valuable tools to track and manage a prospect from the point of interest through the signing of the franchise agreement.


Synuma’s real estate and construction solution efficiently streamlines tasks and milestones in one place, eliminating redundancy and compresses the timeline from site selection to unit opening.



Synuma’s operations software effectively transitions a unit from opening to managing the operations on an ongoing basis.