Reporting and Analytics

Synuma has built industry specific reports and can uses the data to provide predictions and analytics. Can't find what you need Synuma provides custom reports to your liking.



Using your data we can predict your future results. Are you over or under estimating? Where are your problem areas. Allow you to focus your team on dealing with just the critical issues.


Dashboards by Role

Depending on your role in the organizatiaon we can show you different dashboards of information that you want to see on a daily bassis. At your fingertips get the heartbeat of your team and where projects lie.


Various Reports

At Synuma we've produced various reports for you to use. Pipeline, New Development, Proactive, Costs and more. Not enough? Connect with Microsoft Power BI and create your own report or dashboard? Not enough? Export the data to Excel. Not enough? Have us create custom reports for you!