Welcome to Synuma! To get started we'll need some information for you to fill out. This information will be used to setup your new Synuma account and start the implementation process.

Customer, Company Information
This is the friendly name you wish the system to refer your company by. We will refer to this as our "customer".
Company Address *
Company Address
Primary Contact
Who is the primary person that your Synuma account representative should be contact in regards to schedules and information found in this form.
Name *
Setup Information
This is the url you will use to access Synuma. The format is ClientName.Synuma.Com. Example: BurgerBarn.Synuma.Com. If you do not provide one we will.

Submit the information above and then start collecting the data listed below.

We will create the Global Administrator account with your version of Synuma. This is the person listed in the form.

Synuma Security Wide Roles

  • Global Administrator

  • Site Administrator

  • Contract Administrator

  • Team Member

  • Executive User

  • Corporate User

  • Franchisee User

  • Vendor

See chart to determine who can do what.

Synuma Security Role Matrix. Who can do what.



  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • What Role will they have?

Who will be using the system. Are there users you would like us to create for you? Or you can have the global administrator create them all.


Terminology and Definitions

Companies - These are companies within Synuma who represent Franchisee's or Corporate Divisions

Users - These are people who can log into the system

Seeds - These are location ideas, things you just want to compare and track against. Not ready for LOI's.

Sites - These are locations that have the potential to turn into projects and actively track against an opening date

Projects - These are locations that have passed a due diligence stage and are working towards and opening date

Locations - These are locations that are open or have been closed down. Once were Projects.

Companies - These are entities that can have ownership in a Site, Project or Location

Contacts - These are people who you want to associate to Projects, Sites, Locations etc but might not necessarily be able to login. They may or may not have an associated User.

Global Administrator - This is the person in your organization who can do anything and everything with in your version of Synuma.

Security Role - This is the type of Security a User has in Synuma. It dictates what they can or cannot do at a company wide level.

Project Role - This is a type of Security a User has within a Site, Project or Location in Synuma. It dictates what they can or cannot do within the given unit.

Select Lists (Look up Lists)

These are list of items in the system that you use to select values from. We will break these down into several areas. We will list the default options here. Feel free to note where you might want to make changes when you are contact be your implementation specialist.

Building Types

  • Custom
  • One Story
  • Two Story
  • In-Line

Address Types

  • Home
  • Office

Company Status

Task Statuses

  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Done
  • Active
  • Inactive

Project Statuses

  • Active
  • Archived
  • No Action

Import Records

During implementation the Synuma Implementation Team can import your existing data if you've received that setup package. Here are the list of records we can import along with the associated fields.


  • Location Name*
  • Concept*
  • Associated Company
  • Address
  • Indoor Square Feet
  • Outdoor Square Feet
  • Is Location Open?
  • Location Open Date


  • Project Name*
  • Concept*
  • Associated Company*
  • Timeline Name
  • Address
  • Indoor Square Feet
  • Outdoor Square Feet
  • Commitment Open Date
  • Lease Commitment Date
  • Lease Execution Date


  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Should they be able to log into Synuma?


  • Site Name*
  • Concept*
  • Associated Company
  • Address
  • Indoor Square Feet
  • Outdoor Square Feet


  • Company Name
  • Company Type (Corporate or Franchisee)
  • Address (Optional)
  • Primary Contact Full Name with Phone Number and Email
  • Secondary Contact(s) Full Name with Phone Number and Email
  • Company Phone Numbers (Optional)

Your implementation team is always available to assist.