Territory Pins.jpg

Interactive Territory Mapping - Can you answer quickly and definitively if a territory is available for purchase? Synuma's territory mapping allows you to see what is available for purchase and where your opened units are. Customized pins display data on franchise agreement dates, and franchisee contact information and corporate locations.

Project and Timeline Tracking - Synuma comes equipped with ready-to-go project timelines for new development projects or renovations. We work with you to customize the timeline as each concept has its nuances. Our team of site development experts know what questions to ask to get you up and running quickly.


Track Development Costs - Synuma allows the User to input their development costs throughout the project, considering budget values, bid costs, and then actual expenditures. We can view and see how a unit's cost compare to that of the fleet. This tool is incredibly useful for Franchisor's when updating their respective FDD's. 

Reporting Suite - Synuma goes beyond basic reporting. Synuma can identify patterns within your timeline and your organization as a whole. For example, identify at a glance what milestones are consistently causing delays. Don't walk into another meeting with an out-of-date report or with data that conflicts with that of the rest of the team.