Why You Need to Conduct a Restaurant Field Audit on an Intuitive Platform

Your restaurant management job doesn’t have to be boring or cumbersome. You can ditch the paperwork and transform your inspections with an intuitive restaurant field audit app.

Are you still struggling with papers to keep track of restaurant operations? It can be tiring dealing with repetitive data from the workers and complying with so many regulations. Without a smart restaurant field audit strategy, there could be serious quality assurance discrepancies.

Restaurant Field Audit

Your restaurant management job doesn’t have to be boring or cumbersome. You can ditch the paperwork and transform your inspections into an intuitive and smart process. All you need is a user-friendly restaurant field audit app.

Benefits of Using a Smart Restaurant Field Audit App

Are you ready for a smart restaurant field audit? Discover how much you can achieve with an intelligent online application. Let’s start with some of the benefits.  

1. Powerful Reporting

Restaurant audits cover four key areas. These are

  1. Food safety

  2. Rules and regulations

  3. Customer service

  4. Facility safety/cleanliness.

When you need visibility into your reporting, a powerful dashboard with interactive functions for sharing PDF reports and customizing data can be indispensable. All this you can do from the comfort of your mobile phone with an embedded template through a browser. Important to note is that the app works both online and offline. Only a few functions require an internet connection, such as direct contact with stakeholders.

2. Mobile Operations All in One Place

Synuma’s intuitive software helps you manage brand standards and food safety compliance. In fact, successful companies use this all-round tool to conduct daily checks. From incorporating workflows and corporate audits to analyzing the manager’s logbook, there’s so much more you can do apart from inspections.

3. Encouraging Corporate Audits

Being a manager requires you to engage with top leaders in the industry. The restaurant field audit app allows you to interact with fellow managers, owners, and manufacturers. The amount of knowledge you can gain from these people is tremendous. By streaming your audit and training with safety checklists, you’ll always find something in common to discuss.

This innovative tool is not only smart but interactive as well. You can even use it as a motivational tool for the restaurant staff while performing inspections.

4. No More Typing

Did you know that cloud-based restaurant field audit is smart enough to change speech into text? Instead of wasting time entering data with the keyboard, simply activate the built-in voice function. You can also change the text into speech with the device.

Note that this function works on both Android and Apple operating systems. Through speech dictation, inspections become a breeze hence saving time.

5. Photo and File Attachments

Typical paperwork does not allow you to embed physical evidence on reports. But an app solves this problem because it has an allowance for posting photos, scanned documents, and videos. Important features of the platform include unique user ID and timestamps. Take advantage of these to improve accountability.

Who Is It For?

The restaurant field audit app can be used by

Restaurant Audit in action

  • Restaurant owners to see how the business is doing

  • Managers and supervisors to share logbooks with other managers

  • Food manufacturers and suppliers to carry out supply chain audits

  • Hotel custodians to complete the cleaning checklists and snag lists

  • Line cooks to share daily safety line checks in PDF form

  • Food safety directors to execute workflows for food safety and compliance

  • Restaurant hosts to conduct audits for branding standards

Improve Restaurant Operations with Synuma

Imagine being able to streamline content and communicate commands in real-time. It means you don’t need to be at the restaurant to carry out routine tasks! You’ll get insights on reporting standards, tracking, and evaluation of performance. This minimizes the related costs of running errands.

This technology facilitates accurate measurements of the restaurant standards. Moreover, it gives you the ability to manage inspections quickly and efficiently. The best part of cloud-based auditing software is the ease of use. It’s very flexible – you may adjust it to fit into your specific procedures and operations.

Do you want to digitize your restaurant field audits? See what our mobile app can do for your foodservice business.