Key Features of Franchise CRM Software

Working within a franchise system, a CRM system must integrate seamlessly with franchise development and operations, providing solutions from the top down.

Franchise CRM software is distinct in many ways from standard CRM solutions. Working within a franchise system, a CRM system must integrate seamlessly with franchise development and operations, providing solutions from the top down. When you’re shopping for a CRM solution, it’s crucial that you know what to look for. This will help you identify a system that has the proper features and functionality for the unique business model that’s utilized by franchisors and franchisees. The right system will make operations smoother and more efficient at every level.

Early Development Tools

franchise crm software

CRM software that’s designed for franchises differs from CRM software used in other types of operations. At the beginning of the development process, the prospective franchisee is the customer. At this stage, tools should be designed to help the franchisor make contact, share information, and ultimately get the franchise agreement signed.

Once a franchisee has joined the organization, the franchise CRM software should transition smoothly to a system that focuses on real estate, development, and operations. Using a single cohesive solution will eliminate redundancies and streamline your efforts for optimum efficiency.

Cloud-Based Integration

The business model for franchises includes a franchisor managing the overall brand and business at the top, the franchisee managing operations in the middle, and the customer receiving goods or services at the end. A CRM that utilizes cloud-based integration helps simplify franchisor responsibilities and integrate these levels. Franchisees have a system in place to collect essential sales data, while franchisors have an easy means for accessing this data. Using the cloud, professionals can pull information up or down through the levels of management as needed to get the details they’re looking for.

Daily Operations Support

Once the franchise is operating, your software solution morphs from a development and building tool to one that’s focused primarily on franchise owner management. Franchisees need a system that provides robust support for daily activities. This includes royalty calculation software, scheduling tools, planning resources, and sales trackers. As part of a franchise system, franchisees should have access to smart solutions driven by big data. The right franchise CRM software facilitates standardized systems and processes across all franchisees so operations are consistent at every location.

Intuitive Analytics and Assessments

Big data is a powerful tool in the franchise system. Franchisors need a CRM solution that provides a top-down view of the business. This should make it easy to identify trends that are happening across the business as well as location-specific problems that fall outside the normal bounds of day-to-day operations. Franchisors have a broad range of business activities that they’re responsible for tracking.

Well-organized CRM systems make it possible to pull custom reports at a moment’s notice and understand the analytics provided therein. This information ultimately serves to make the franchisor more useful to each franchisee, as they’re equipped with the data they need to work closely with each individual and provide case-by-case solutions that still keep the broader picture in mind.

Understanding the distinct needs of franchise operations will help you choose a CRM solution that’s designed specifically to cater to this type of business, so employees benefit at all levels of the organization.

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