Keeping up with Technology in the Franchising Sector

Dont let technology leave you behind (its really hard to catch up). Tracking the same information using Excel spreadsheets wouldn’t yield any useful insights. Your plain data will not perform in any way.

Are you into franchising or the service industry? Are you opening a restaurant and looking for a program to effectively track data? If you lag behind in technology, catching up later will cost you a lot. Luckily, a software program that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) can save your efforts.

Keeping up with Technology in the Franchising Sector

A lot of businesses have been using Excel spreadsheets to track information. But let’s be honest, this traditional method has no strategy. All you can get is plain information without analytics. However, when you deploy AI-enabled software, you can capture useful insights you’ve never had before.

How to Collect Information and Use It Efficiently

Take the example of a restaurant. You want to record the square footage and the type of floor plan. Concerning the patio, is it an eastern-facing or western-facing design? With clear databases, you can make significant comparisons with sales of those units. Then you’ll discover correlations and trends you didn’t know existed.

Wouldn’t you want to know the amount of revenue your patio is bringing in? If it cost $35,000 to put it up, what is the ROI of the patio? How does it do in peak hours? Is it paying for itself? Maybe the outdoor seats attract more clients than the indoor seats. Should you invest more in the exterior space?

These are some of the analytics you can get from Synuma. Tracking the same information using Excel spreadsheets wouldn’t yield any useful insights. Your plain data will not perform in any way. For instance, how would you even track an eastern/western-facing patio? To calculate the Return on Investment, you need to take into account the number of seats and the cost of construction. Synuma can track this information more effectively.

Don’t Fall Behind

Are you one of those people who are still in medieval times? Business people are now looking at big data. If you haven’t adopted technological tools like Synuma, you may not make the most of the information coming in. How will you capitalize on the latest trends if you are still behind?

Put to rest all of the archaic methods of tracking data. Excel is so 1995. Your team needs an advanced system and the sooner you get it the better. As systems continuously advance it becomes increasingly difficult to get on board. Now is the right time to jump on the bandwagon.

Is Your Team Equipped with the Right Tools for Success?

We all want to make the wisest decision, so why not transition to a system that covers all 3 aspects of your business? That is, CRM, project development, and operation management.  You don’t need siloed programs. Rather, look at the big data that traverses across various departments. Synuma lets you see how these departments interact with each other. A punch list in the cloud that keeps everyone on the same page and accountable for example.

There’s a lot you can discover between departments, and that could mean more opportunities and more revenue. If you are still using disintegrated software packages, you won’t reap the optimal benefits. You will actually end up incurring more costs for multiple software programs. Moreover, your team has to learn different systems, thereby wasting more time.

What good are 3 systems that don’t communicate? It’s better to have one that covers everything in your franchise operations. Don’t let technology leave you behind. Catching up is very difficult. Integrate Synuma into your business today and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Image By NicoElNino