How to Write a Grand Opening Press Release

A media release for a new restaurant informs potential customers about your service and location. Here is a useful guide to writing one.

Are you seeking the best ways to promote a new restaurant? You might want to consider a grand opening press release to share the good news. It would be great to have your restaurant name out there so you can gain credibility. You also want to stage your brand as an expert in the industry.

A press release delivers important information to media houses. When creating one, aim at getting a story placement and capturing attention. A media release for a new restaurant informs potential customers about your service and location. Here is a useful guide to writing one.

Benefits of a Grand Opening Press Release

A grand opening press release is an official statement issued to the mass media to announce the launching of a restaurant. Whether recorded or written, it can bring unique benefits to your restaurant, including:

Getting the Word Out

A well-crafted grand opening press release can be a powerful publicity tool. It directs positive attention to your business, thereby enhancing your reputation. What a great way to have your brand name in people’s minds!

Customers appreciate restaurants that are highly-regarded by the community. Generating buzz across many media platforms is a sign that your restaurant is a high-authority brand. Once your business gains authority and trust, diners will see you as an expert restaurateur. 

Building Links

The editorial coverage you receive from a press release is advantageous to your SEO and other marketing efforts. When journalists check it out, they will want to include significant keywords that pull quotable snippets. They will also want to include those newsworthy quotes in their coverage.

Remember, journalists use press releases to gather information. You have to include everything that journalists need to know. This means presentations as well as research documents.

Refining Your Message

A press release nails down your message for the grand opening of your restaurant. By giving the right message, it ensures maximum exposure. Content creators will want to get the full story and cover all of your important ideas.

Increased Web Traffic

Did you know that digital restaurant orders have increased by 23% over the last 4 years? Based on a restaurant census published by the NPD group, these orders are made via mobile apps, SMS, and websites. They represent $26.8 billion and 3.1 billion visits. Digital ordering is convenient and that’s why you need a good website.

You’ll see a significant increase in web traffic by linking the press release to your website. Also, guide the readers to other social platforms where your service description is found.

How to Write a Press Release for Your Restaurant

You want to create a grand opening press release that will capture the attention of journalists and bloggers. Wondering how to create a masterpiece that naturally appeals to the audience? Follow these steps.

1. In your document, include: 

grand opening press release

  • Name, location, and contact information about your restaurant

  • Your brand logo

  • The opening hours

  • The grand opening date

  • A quote from the restaurant owner or manager

  • Kind of cuisines you are offering

  • Any special offers

  • Website URL

  • Call to action

2. Inform rather than promote.

There’s no need to promise people that your chefs make magical delicacies. Be realistic – simply mention the dishes they can expect from your restaurant.

There’s no need to over-exaggerate or over-hype. The simple advice is: Stop selling. Just inform. PR should be treated much like a product description. Consumers are looking for genuine information before making their purchasing decisions. Exaggerated information can make it seem like a scam.  

3. Strike a casual balance.

Instead of making the PR a one-way dialogue, let it be conversational. However, don’t be too offhand, and avoid common phrases and clichés.

To create a casual balance get straight to the point and give the audience a chance to voice their opinions. They can respond with emails or give feedback on your Facebook page. Keep in mind that the PR positions you as a media resource. Do not try to create a TV commercial.

4. Write in a business context.

Your first press release should acknowledge other businesses. It is not just about your restaurant. Consider other dishes offered in the city. For example, you might recommend the top pastry chefs in the city, including the one in your own restaurant. Present an idea that recognizes the broader perspective of your locality. There’s a lot of information the readers want to tap into.

Building Trust with Your Customers

The idea behind writing a grand opening press release is to build a relationship between your brand and customer demands, but don’t get carried away. Take the opportunity to explain why your restaurant deserves attention. If you can build trust with your customers and take the time to cultivate your brand identity, you’ll be poised for initial and sustainable success.