How To Make Grand Opening Social Media Campaigns Work For You

To improve your chances of having a successful grand opening, build some buzz with a stellar grand opening social media campaign.

Today, the social media network is well developed. There’s an overwhelming number of users on popular sites. Effective advertising on social media can get your target audience to act in a particular way. Social engagement with potential customers can be the biggest driver of your grand opening event…BUT, it must be strategically focused and have measurable outcomes. You can start by promoting your upcoming soft opening on social platforms if you want a massive boost in attendance.

To improve your chances of having a successful grand opening, build some buzz with a stellar grand opening social media campaign. Here are several tips you can follow to exceed your expectations on the big day.

1. Get Creative with Content

One of the biggest challenges of promoting a grand opening event is a lack of captivating content. Do you have pictures of your new store and products? To introduce your brand properly, start with social storytelling. At this stage, don’t focus too much on selling. Instead, focus on giving a face to your business. You want your audience to connect with your products and services, as well as the brand identity. Give your followers a story that identifies them as active players so they will be more excited to participate (and more excited to share it).

You might also want to post community-driven information. Having a passion for the development of the local community can get you more leads. Show that you care about what is going on in your town by sponsoring local sports teams, donating to charities, and partnering with other local businesses. These types of social posts have a more personal touch and they can keep your target audience coming back for more.

2. Post Regularly

If you really want your grand opening social media campaigns to bring results, understand that advertising should be an ongoing process. The grand opening ceremony is just one moment of hype, but the energy involved in running a restaurant never dies down. Instead of planning and posting for a one-and-done event, update your timeline on a daily basis with original content to keep followers engaged.

The event experience should begin the day you first make a grand opening announcement. From then on, you can provide proof of your progress and growth with spectacular photos of activities going on every day. Most of the positive engagement will be generated days and weeks after the grand opening date. Your live events on Facebook will get new likes and shares if you tag more people. If you have an event manager, you can ask them to share the memories of your grand event for days after.

3. Flex Your Budget

grand opening social media campaign

Most first-time businesses and franchises have limited budgets to use on social media campaigns. Don’t be like most people who first run the ads on their own and promote later. Instead, invest in paid campaigns first and DIY later. You don’t want to risk damaging the reputation of your brand before it breaks even.

Generally, it is recommended that you hire a social media marketing expert. They will help you with the right game plan for campaign efforts. Once you learn the ins and outs of social media campaigning, then you can start executing on your own. It is pointless to build a business account that you can’t manage.

If your budget is low, you can use a paid boost. Paid ads allow you to reach the right prospects. You choose your own audience, budget, and geographical coverage. One of the cheapest forms of content promotion is Facebook ads. With a few dollars, you can reach thousands of people near you instantly and effectively.

Do You Have a Grand Opening Social Media Campaign Strategy?

Before delving into social ads, begin with a blueprint. Your strategy should have a specific audience, goals, unique voice, and content ideas. Prioritize conversions and let people know that you are excited about the new business. If you want to learn more about creating an awesome grand opening social media campaign, contact Synuma today!