How to Have a Successful Grand Opening

A grand opening is not just your typical fun-filled party; it is a critical part of the marketing strategy that can make or break your new franchise.

Are you ready to launch a new business or franchise? Kick-start your launch with enthusiasm by hosting a grand opening. A grand opening is not just your typical fun-filled party; it is a critical part of the marketing strategy that can make or break your new franchise. What impression do you want the event to make on your prospective customers?

4 Nifty Tips for Hosting A Successful Grand Opening

When planning a business launch, there are various factors that come into play. The details differ according to your industry, but the most important thing is finding a way to outmatch your competitors by attracting more customers. To bring a crowd, there must be something unique that prospects can’t find anywhere else. Ideally, you should aim to achieve 3 important goals:

  • Increase the awareness of your brand.

  • Build meaningful relationships.

  • Generate a buzz.

Here are 4 things you can do to meet those goals and have a successful grand opening event.

1. Advertise Everywhere

How will people know that you are launching a business if you don’t advertise? There are many ways to announce the event. One is creating a grand opening press release. Send media kits to local businesses and media houses. Digital advertising and social media can also be powerful ways to increase event awareness and attendance. Consider using Facebook events and email newsletters to spread the word. It’s better to invite too many people than not enough. After all, a great turnout can mean free word-of-mouth marketing.

Other ways to advertise a grand opening event include:

  • Postcards

  • Flyers

  • Banners

  • Radio commercials

  • Billboards

2. Entertain the Guests

Consider using live music to help bring a lively ambiance. Note that music does not suit every type of business. You should still remain focused on your brand identity and target audience. This means choosing the most appropriate form of entertainment. If you are targeting university and college students, a chilled-out evening party can do. On the other hand, a more relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere would be ideal for parents or a slightly older crowd. The activities you incorporate on the big day also depend on the type of product or service you’re offering. Finally, consider the business community and how nearby stores and restaurants will react to your brand.

3. Offer a Good Deal

how to have a successful grand opening

Everyone likes a good deal, so offering free perks is a great way to promote your grand opening. If you’re opening a restaurant, offer loyalty programs, discounted side dishes, happy hour, or maybe even a free meal. You can also hold social media contests with free giveaways to the winner(s). The idea is to generate so much excitement that even passersby who haven’t heard about your event will be drawn to the occasion. 

4. Establish Business Partnerships

This is how you start building meaningful relationships. At first glance, partnering with other businesses may not seem like it will help you build a solid customer base. However, over time, your business partners will start sending referrals to your business. For example, let’s say you supply spare auto parts in the city. You might want to partner with various auto body shops and garages. Look for non-competing businesses with a similar customer base that can complement each other. Co-hosting your grand opening event with a business partner could also be beneficial as it would lead to a greater turnout and you would both enjoy massive exposure.

Final Tips

To further market your event, support a worthy cause by partnering with a local charity. Invite special guest speakers to the grand opening. Build an email list from your invites so you can thank the attendees later and send them exclusive offers.

Through careful planning and preparation, you’ll be able to host a successful grand opening that meets your personal and business goals and allows you to showcase your brand to the world. For more ideas about how to make your grand opening a success, contact one of Synuma’s experts today!