How to Bring in More Customers to Your Restaurant and Instantly Generate More Business

By Tiffany Mastropasqua - September 4, 2019

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How to Bring in More Customers to Your Restaurant and Instantly Generate More Business
September 4, 2019 By Tiffany Mastropasqua

How to Bring in More Customers to Your Restaurant and Instantly Generate More Business

With over one million restaurants in the USA, the industry is expected to make $863 billion in 2019. According to the National Restaurant Association, 4 out of 10 consumers say that restaurants are an essential part of their lifestyle.

If you are serious restaurateur, what are you doing to bring more people into your restaurant? The more the customers like your services, the more they popularize your business by word of mouth. Aim for a steady flow of new diners.

How to Bring in More Customers to Your Restaurant

Attracting new guests and retaining the existing ones requires serious effort. A manager or owner of a restaurant already has plenty of responsibilities and can easily feel overwhelmed. If you're not sure how to bring in more customers to your restaurant here are some fresh ideas.

1. Partner with Local Businesses

Don’t be afraid to approach local businesses to ignite friendships. You might find out that they order lunch at your restaurant on a regular basis. A good idea is to offer discounts when they order in bulk. Get to know other restaurant owners/franchisors. Every month, give special offers and promotions to the nearby loyal customers. You can also consider giving back to your community by:

  • Donating to charities

  • Sponsoring local teams during sporting events

  • Donate to small fundraisers

  • Registering with the local chamber of commerce

  • Hosting a special event and inviting neighbors

2. Hand Out Smart Flyers

Generic flyers are a waste of time if your biggest concern is how to bring in more customers to a restaurant. Distributing a menu doesn’t help much either. How about using smarter, audience-targeted flyers?

You only need a simple message and a one-month long offer. To attract more customers, offer discounts, free appetizers, or desserts. (Just try not to annoy the audience by distributing flyers every day.) Present your restaurant professionally.

3. Host an Event to Appreciate Loyal Customers

The special event should be themed. Spice up the usual menu to give diners new things to look forward to. As part of your loyalty program, offer more deals to get people in the door. In a themed event, look for special skills your staff members may have and let the world know. Explain how those skills match the needs of the customers you want to attract.

4. Have a Grand Opening Ceremony

Restaurant owners know that a grand opening is one of the most effective ways to market their business. The event is great for creating buzz and encouraging people to try your service. On the day of the grand opening, consider offering a deal where guests can try a variety of your dishes.

5. Bring Live Music and Entertainment

Local talent can attract more customers to your restaurant, particularly on weekends. Let your guests have a say on the best band in town. You can post a query on Facebook and see their response. They will certainly give you the best suggestions.

How to Bring in More Customers to Your Restaurant

6. Advertise on Social Media

How often do you post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Do you have a social media presence at all? If you do, think about linking those accounts to your restaurant website.

Spend a few bucks on social sponsored ads. This is one great way to bring in more customers to a restaurant. You can always choose your geo-targeted audience and budget.

7. Celebrate Your Customers' Birthdays

Email marketing can turn a prospect into a buyer if you send the right message. People love being appreciated on their birthdays. Moreover, birthday celebrations involve a crowd. Send emails with free gifts to celebrate their birthdays.

A free appetizer, drink or dessert would be a good idea. You will also be reminding them of your restaurant business. They could share the news with their friends and family and the next day they might just flock into your restaurant to celebrate another event!

8. Expand Your Dining Options

If you want to attract more customers it pays to make menu items more inclusive. A lot of people adhere to restricted diets such as vegan, gluten, and dairy-free. Others, due to medical conditions, are required to consume low-calorie diets. Don’t let these special dieters feel left out in your restaurant.

Optimize Your Restaurant Marketing

If you want to increase revenue, bring in more customers to your restaurant and generate more positive reviews, then you have to step up your marketing game. Follow our expert tips on how to bring in more customers to a restaurant. Happy filling your booths and bars!