How AI Social Media Can Make Your Franchise Brand Pop

AI’s social media talents are limitless. You no longer need to generate your own content. AI can pen prose that’s worthy of your best content marketers.

Every day, two billion people log onto social media across the world. They share their passions, tweet their habits, and post their dreams. Pre-internet marketers used to pay handsomely for that kind of data, but today, it comes free of charge. Social media is more than just a demographic wonderland, though. It’s also one of the most effective marketing media in existence today. There’s a reason half of all marketers have a two-year social media marketing plan. Seventy-one percent of consumers share their noteworthy brand experiences with friends and family. An engaging, geo-tagged post raises engagement by a startling 79%, so if you’re not on social media yet, you should be. 

AI social media marketing (SMM) is surprisingly pocket-friendly, but it is demanding of your time. You must generate daily posts across networks and create content for social media advertising. Once your campaign is running, you must dive into your analytics to find out how well your strategy is working. You’ll need to plan online events and source images, too. That’s no small ask, but artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way brands think of SMM. That’s why the market is projected to grow to $2.1 billion by 2023. 

Artificial What? 

AI’s social media talents are limitless. In an age of Siri and Cortana, you don’t need to generate your own content anymore. AI can pen prose that’s worthy of your best content marketers with no grammatical errors to speak of. Natural language processing technology will even man your virtual messaging. This way, you can attend to your customers’ service needs instantly. AI robots will optimize your content to leverage social network algorithms so that every post appears in buyer feeds. Once that’s taken care of, automated analytics will tell you which content sparks the most interest. It will crunch your behavioral insights into meaningful data, then bucket test it to find out which strategies deliver exceptional ROI. 

Creating Premium Content

ai social media

SMM requires you to find the right tone and timing for every post, so you might think it’s best handled by the Hemingway of your marketing team. It isn’t. Machines can mimic the human brain, so automated content reads as well as your own writing. News organizations like the Associated Press and Fox News have been relying on AI to generate news stories for years now, and you can, too. 

Responding to AI Social Media Mentions

Today’s franchises must be in a thousand places at once. You can’t leave client complaints to lie dormant in the far reaches of Facebook anymore. Consumers expect responses to their requests to be handled within an hour. Fortunately, AI-powered social media monitoring tools will pick up brand mentions as they arise. This means that you can develop service consistency across franchises. Human tardiness and mistakes are a thing of the past. 

Iterative Marketing 

No marketing campaign is perfect right out of the gates, particularly on social media where algorithms are poorly understood.  Factors that give you newsfeed exposure won’t always resonate with your audience. You need to use automated insights to tweak your strategy as it progresses. You must find out if images are working for you on Facebook or if your Twitter campaign needs more video clips. That’s a lot of metrics for one campaign, but AI has you covered

Franchisors need to create a consistent brand experience across hundreds of franchises. With AI social media marketing, that’s easier than you think. Machine-powered emotional intelligence has arrived. It’s sharp, efficient, and it brings you the superpowers you’ve always dreamed of.