How to Perfect Franchise Construction Management

By Tiffany Mastropasqua - December 6, 2018

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How to Perfect Franchise Construction Management
December 6, 2018 By Tiffany Mastropasqua

How to Perfect Franchise Construction Management

Any franchisor with experience in multi-unit development knows that finishing construction on time and within budget is no small feat. Excellent franchise construction management requires thorough organization at all stages of the project. These days, project management is impossible to ace with pen and paper alone. However, there are a variety of tools available to help you succeed in your multi-unit development projects.

Thanks to new developments in technology, franchisors are able to ensure projects stay on track from development, through to construction, and, afterward, with sales and royalty calculation software. Modern analytics, like those Synuma provides, can make the difference between a franchise construction management project flourishing or floundering.

A franchisor should use software tools to their advantage as they move through all the stages of a construction management project. But to harness software to the best of your ability, you must first follow the basic steps that lead to successful franchise construction management.

Address Construction Standards in the Initial Contract

franchise construction management

In their initial contract with a franchisee, a franchisor must state any and all construction compliance standards they expect them to uphold — even if you as the franchisor are managing the project. Enforcing compliance in franchise construction management and design creates a unified identity for your franchise across all its locations. This can increase consumer familiarity and, in turn, sales.

Including construction compliance standards in the initial contract protects the franchisor if, later on down the line, your franchisee carries out any construction work that runs afoul of the law.

Choose an Appropriate Location

Location is everything when it comes to franchise construction management. The right location can give you greater access to your target demographic. This will have a positive impact on royalty management later.

Appropriate site selection is one of the best ways you can tap into the market you want to reach. Furthermore, being clever about the location is one of the best ways you can avoid cannibalizing the market, something which remains a threat to the world's biggest franchises.

Partner With a Reputable Construction Company

Many franchisors make the mistake of partnering with a construction company who, although experienced, is not experienced at constructing sites for franchises. A construction team with no experience with franchises will likely struggle to follow your specific requirements.

There are many construction companies who specialize in building sites for franchises and, as a result, are accustomed to working within time and budget constraints and following detailed compliance regulations.

Establish a Time Frame and Stick to It

To avoid going catastrophically over-budget, lay out a time frame in which you want to complete the project. Create milestones you expect to reach by certain dates. Synuma supplies software for franchise operations that makes sure you are sticking to these deadlines and sends notifications and status reports to keep you up to speed.

A thorough, detailed construction management plan that addresses potential difficulties and sets a workable timeline should guide you to success in franchise development projects.

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