Do You Actually Need a Construction Punch List Template?

You don’t always need to prepare a punch list from scratch. Avoid last-minute stress by taking advantage of a construction punch list template.

A construction project is easier said than done. A good job can easily go down the drain if you do not correct items that are not in line with the contract specifications. That’s why you need to create a punch list.

A punch list is a document containing items that don’t meet the requirements outlined in the construction contract. The listed items could be defects, incidental damages, or incorrect installations. It comes in handy as the project approaches the closeout.

Did you know you can simplify the process of creating a punch list? You don’t always need to prepare it from scratch. Avoid last-minute stress by taking advantage of a construction punch list template.

What Is a Construction Punch List Template?

construction punch list template

A construction punch list template is a powerful collaboration tool. It is shared by architects, subcontractors, contractors, project managers, and owners. It is basically a type of spreadsheet that works for most construction projects. The users can add, edit, or remove punch items on the spreadsheet to meet the required contractual specifications.

When your project reaches substantial completion, you will need to walk the client through the site. Together with the contractor and subcontractor, you’ll be making note of any deficiencies, defects or damages. With a construction punch list template, this process becomes much easier. Just make sure you are familiar with all project specifications.

A template comes pre-built with essential fields for describing a punch list accurately. Such fields include:

  • Automated form ID

  • The date an item was identified

  • A description of the item

  • The stakeholder involved

  • The specific location of the punch item

  • Photo/video

  • The inspector  

  • Current status (closed or open)

A simple punch list may look like this:

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 1.40.39 PM.png

Essential Elements of a Construction Punch List Template

Construction management is an art. You have to be creative to deliver successful outcomes. Below are 2 fundamental elements of a punch list template:

  • Problem identification: It defines the underlying issues with clear objectives. Every punch list item must be specific, measurable, time-based, and agreed upon by all parties.

  • Resource identification: Who is in charge? What resources are available to complete the punch items?

A good construction punch list template helps to uncover issues and prepare quick fixes before the owner occupies the building. The list may also include new scope and details added at the last minute. Most of the categories in the template are customizable so you can adapt it to various projects.

Towards the end of construction, resolve the minor details in the punch list format in Excel. It can help save a lot of time and effort (and you won’t forget anything). A punch list template provides a better solution than working from scratch. In the end, you want everyone happy, especially your client.

Picking the Right Template

Choosing the right construction punch list template speeds up the process of tackling the punch items. Ideally, your template should fit into your project needs. Before making a final walk-through, be sure to review the specifications of the site. With an accurate template, you will overcome any mistakes that might hinder you from receiving your payment on time.

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