Artificial Intelligence Advertising Solutions: The Advertiser in Your Pocket

AI has transformed advertising from an art into an exact science. That has important implications for franchises, which must target hundreds of communities across the globe.

Imagine having the power to recommend unique products to thousands of buyers. Imagine being able to send just the right Google ads to every market segment in your demographic. Imagine having your social media insights transformed into automated video ads and stories without any human support. All of that is possible, and more. That’s one of many reasons AI generates over $4 trillion in annual revenue. Those profit-churning superpowers are particularly potent in consumer-facing applications like advertising.

Artificial intelligence Advertising Solutions for Targeting

AI has transformed advertising from an art into an exact science. That has important implications for franchises, which must target hundreds of communities across the globe. Demographics are the secret sauce of artificially intelligent ad campaigns. The better you understand your audience, the better you can engage them. That’s been a marketing premise for as long as the industry has existed, but AI takes it a step further by creating campaigns for every target market. It can diversify itself to personas, regions, and buyer-readiness. If that’s not enough, it will also analyze old purchases to work out what might interest your customers next.

Understanding Consumer Data

Analytics and research are every advertiser’s bread and butter. They tell you exactly what your campaign needs to draw traffic. AI can churn out huge amounts of consumer data, so today’s marketers can use an iterative approach that wasn’t possible before. Now, you can experiment with automatically-generated ads to find out which elements are the magical ingredient that wins sales. Then you can use those insights to generate improvement upon improvement until your campaign strikes gold.

artificial intelligence advertising solutions

How many buys did your first advert achieve per click? Which platforms drove the best results? Which pages did potential buyers click into, and what were your bounce rates? AI makes easy work of those questions, so every advert comes with insights that used to cost advertisers a small fortune.

AI has turned advertising into a process rather than an event. Iterative development can multiply your average revenue by nine times within only a month. How much can you amplify that number in a year? That’s entirely up to you because you don’t have to commit to the first advert you create anymore. That’s the power of AI.

The Right Ads in the Right Place at the Right Time

Machines can scan hundreds of images and words across platforms to determine website cultures, then create an ad that appeals to them. Lexus released the first AI-scripted advert in 2018, using demographic datasets to achieve a revolutionary level of relevance. These days, you don’t need to be a global brand titan to benefit from these artificial intelligence advertising solutions. The technology has become available to even the smallest businesses.

Social Media Listening

Online brand mentions can destroy your reputation overnight. Fortunately, AI can turn those crises into advertising potential. Social media listening tools can scan the web for text and hashtags related to your franchise so that you can address negative press before it spirals. The same technology will point you to trending hashtags so that you can advertise on posts with millions of followers.

AI will work tirelessly in the background to optimize your ad spend. It’s the assistant you’ve always dreamed about, but it does more than just housekeeping. Artificial intelligence advertising solutions work with creative elements that feel surprisingly human. As the technology matures, you can expect to see even more impressive results. Only a decade ago, one measly ad campaign was all a brand could afford. Those days are over, so step into the new era.