About Synuma

Synuma’s leadership team formed the company in 2016 after working with one another in previous roles and recognizing a need that was not currently being met in the industry. They combined their unique skills and expertise to develop a solution using the latest technology to deliver a more robust, effective project management solution for multi-unit developers.
Here’s how it all happened… Paul Giggi and Tiffany Toliver both worked in development at FSC Franchise Co. and Fred Mastropasqua and Ed Gorski met while developing complex enterprise software for Wolters Kluwer Corp. 
Fred and Tiffany lived across the hall from one another. She shared her franchise development challenges with Fred and he set out to build a software prototype that would not only help her accomplish her development goals, but also free her up for movie dates, etc. And so, Synuma was created, allowing Fred and Tiffany to get married, start a business together with Paul and Ed and start a family.