Synuma is a remarkable cloud-based platform that enables you to grow your entire multi-unit business from beginning to end. Built by industry pros like you for you. Together we’ll help you make better, quicker decisions to open units on time, on budget and reach projected revenues sooner.

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Remove the guesswork from franchise growth.

Synuma is an intuitive solution that identifies areas of opportunity to get to your agreements, sites and revenues faster.


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Automate & Streamline Workflows

Replace spreadsheets and paper-based processes with our end-to-end, flexible platform, so you can focus on what matters most.


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Looking for a Franchise Process Management Solution?

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Searching for Multi-Location Business Solutions?

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Synuma lets you track and manage each location from recruitment to renewal in a single system that adapts to the way you work.

track progress and optimize future timelines

stakeholder reports across the entire lifecyle

reliable reports because data is always synced

Track and manage a franchisee prospect from the first point of interest through the signing of the franchise agreement and beyond.

Are you meeting your site opening timelines and budgets?  What if you had a solution that prevented your brand from missing critical milestones?

Synuma’s real estate and construction solution eliminates redundancy and compresses the timeline from site selection to unit opening.

How is your unit progressing towards opening on time? What do you need to open your unit on time? How is the unit doing post opening?

Synuma’s operations module transitions a unit from planning to grand opening and on to managing operations on an ongoing basis.

Are you capitalizing on AI technology that can help you better predict sales?

Take your franchise brand to the next level by implementing Synuma’s Artificial Intelligence capability. Through our unique AI sales forecasting capability, you can enhance your decision-making capabilities and optimize resource allocation. Increase your closing success rate by scientifically identifying your ideal prospect not just based on a gut feeling or assumed necessary characteristics.